Young pretty sugarmummy, My late husband left so much wealth for me and my little daughter and I want to marry agian

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Firstly, i most commend the admin for comming up with a site for this hooking up. I’m a fan of the facebook page but I refuse sending my profile on the page for it to be posted, due to the way people insult on the fanpage, as if they have never had s^x before. But I notice on this site that there are more matured individuals than the page and with the positive replies and response I read of individuals getting hooked up here. I felt I should try this site too..

Pretty sugarmummy

Without wasting much time, my name is Elizabeth, I’m a widow, lost my husband 3 years ago when he died in a car accident. may his gently soul rest in peace. When my husband died 3 years ago he left so much wealth for me and my little daughter, so i decided i wont get married again but my family members, friends and people close to me suggested I should still get married since am still young and beautiful. So thinked over it and most times I still have s^xual desire, and I decided I will marry again. So I need a responsible man, with good character, loving, caring, should be able to accept me and my daughter and is ready to settle down with me. Country, location or your skin colour does not matter, as long as there is love between both of us. just leave me a message. thank you

pretty sugarmummy

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