Sugarmummy,I am looking for a man who can simply love me with his heart, his mind and his body

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I hope I can meet a “single man” that shares the same qualities that I have. I am only interested in a long term relationship. I prefer to meet a man who has a love for the life, academics and generally is very well informed on the “philosophies of the world” front. I don’t subscribe to any form of political party ideology hence a free spirit.


I am attracted to the mind more than anything else. With that said, I prefer to mingle with sensitive, career focussed and well travelled down to earth folks. I find that I am more comfortable with like minded folks:-).

I want to meet a man who is also focussed on their career and will be able to encourage me in my own career. After all a good relationship is built by both parties complementing each other in all spheres of life.


I would prefer a man that is humble and respects women. I want a man that has a unique sense of humor and is not overtly “loud”.

I would like to find a man that is excited about the world like I am. A man who can go with me jogging and consider that a date. A man that has a taste for the simple things in life. I am interested in a man who will find joy in teaching me how to complete crosswords on Sundays. A man that is excited that he has met me. I hope to meet a man that is done with playing the field and honestly wants to settle down. I hope I can find a decent man that is genuine enough to know what he is looking for.

I am looking for a man who can simply love me with his heart, his mind and his body. I am simply looking for a well educated good man. I hope I am not asking a lot, but I cannot be blamed for having a laundry list of “wishes” (smile). Sometimes wishes do come true lol.

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