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Sugarmummy, I love romanticism and good s^x, I want to be loved and cherished! I love life, want to enjoy every moment of it

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I am a 29 year old woman who is well educated, easy going, affectionate, passionate, witty, free-spirited, opinionated, char-ming, all-uring, beautiful, assertive, confident, intellectual and understanding. I decided to give online dating a try, because it is extremely hard to find a suitable partner here. I have one child, a boy that resides with me. I love to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures. I am very adventurous and spontaneous, I like to try new things. I love romanticism and good s^x, chivalry, candle lit dinners, picnics, walks along the beach, going to the movies, hiking, shopping, sight-seeing and taking road trips. I want to find love and I am willing to put in the hard work in order to make a long distance relationship work. I am beautiful inside out, I am selfless and very compassionate. I am not confrontational or loud and I am very tolerant. I am very respectful and supportive. I will treat my significant other with the utmost respect, and I wish for him to do the same. I’m tired of being single! I want to be loved and cherished! I love life, want to enjoy every moment of it! It would be so much better if I had a special person to enjoy it with! Come and enjoy life with me!


I would like a  man who is tall, toned, understanding, caring, well-educated, professional, respectful, affectionate, wants a serious relationship, honest and trustworthy. He has to be romantic! He must know about the flowers, the nice candle lit dinners, whisking me away for a surprise weekend, whether it be to a cabin in the mountains, or to a big city. He must be open to dating a single mother and willing to consider having more kids. He should be ready for a serious relationship that would/could lead to marriage. I am willing to relocate if a serious fulfilling relationship blossoms. If you are just looking to have fun, or try out some exotic beauty, refrain from contacting me! If you have trust issues with women and you cannot handle a long distance relationship, don’t contact me! I can’t stand insecure men! No tattoos! No piercings! No introverts! No atheists or agnostics! I just want an easy going, yet confident man who is not afraid to express himself. He must be respectful of my heritage and culture! He must be willing to love and cherish me and treat me with respect and I will do the same.


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