I’m very energetic in the bed room and never get tired of pleasing my man

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I’m not about Games and can NOT stand drama n thats exactly why I had to let my baby’s father go. God is definitely my 1st love, n if ur doing something I dont agree with I will speak up.

I like all things beautiful, color has never been an issue for me. There will be times wen I want to be all over u, n times wen i’ll want nothing to do with you lol(meaning I need my space) Definitely a lady in the streets! I ALWAYS try to look my verY best wen I go out, n I’m very conservative wen out in public (so no making out in public sorry) but on the plus side I’m a closet fre-ak =p lol I’m very energetic in the bed room n never get tired of pleasing my man -_^


Im outgoing and can be surprisingly open minded at times, ill try almost anything once. I love to travel, eat, shop, sleep lol there are sooo so so many different sides to me, so if u have any questions for me plz ask away.
Im a bonafide REALIST. Not easily fooled, nor easily led down a garden path when it comes to relationships.. I’ma blend of extremes, and a bit cautious which could be holding me back but as I get older I’m learning to leave room for some mystery and excitement in my life.


I need a level headed man with some foundation. Definitely confident in who he is and what he stands for. Someone who wants longterm.
Hard working, laid back, goofy, emotional, talkative, quiet, passionate, tall, short, humble, adventurous, homebody, witty, smart, clueless lol these are some of the qualities I find attractive in men.

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