I’m still waiting on someone serious about pursuing a relationship

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I’m still waiting on someone serious about pursuing a relationship.. Seems everyone says they want someone real with no drama but when presented with the opportunity they chicken out. Here are some things I’m really serious about:
Having a relationship. Enjoying life. Vacationing.
Loving people. Movies at home or out. Family. Barbeques. Football season. Amusement parks. Affection, giving and receiving. Friends. God.
Communication, gentlemen if there is

Significant distance btwn us then u MUST be able to communicate in some form or fashion often, especially in the beginning. U can’t expect to get to know me by Googling my name or once aweek five minute chats.. Not gonna happen and I will keep it moving! If ur interested u know how to keep my interest. Shame I have to break it down like this.. I wear my heart on my sleeve and don’t hold back how I feel about the one I like for the sake of the game. If u like me and I like u, lets get it on.. Simple as that.


I am waiting for someone willing to take a risk and jump in with both feet. Give us an opportunity to see where we go.. How far we can go… Someone who likes me, loves me, then falls in love with me. I need to have someone in my life who speaks my luv language and if they are unaware of theirs, be willing to find out so I can speak theirs. Everything is icing on the cake.

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