I’m simple, sedu-ctive, char-ming, intelligent, warmful, passionate

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I’m simple, sedu-ctive, char-ming, intelligent, warmful, passionate. I would love to find that man who can prove that love can transcand all diffrences and be the nr1 priority in someone’s life.
I’m a serious, inteligent, lovely and sympathique “proud-african woman” girl. I would love to meet someone kind, well educated and serious and who really need to settle down and go on with his life I’m just looking for someone with who I can dream about having very soon a familly, settle down and see a future, a real future together. Calm, kind, well educated, a real gentelman with good maneer and who love to take care of him and his woman.


I don’t nedd a man: -who want to waste time with me, just using me to waste their time and mine and never doing the next step.-  I’m not a stri-pp-er!-who think that I will be with him for his money or in a perspective to travel to have paper by fa-ke marr-iage or whatever everyone’s accuse easily african girls… I got my job, my own money and i’m not an apatrid. For the rest, it’s ok


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