I`m humble/simple, straight-forward, Sincere & a very God-fearing person, I need a Honest sincere and Humble man

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I`m humble/simple, straight-forward, Sincere & a very God-fearing person, that loves animals and nature. I Dont play mind games or play with peoples emotions b/c I dont want that for myself, I live by the scripture in the Bible,”Do unto others as u would have them do unto you”..& would like to find someone that embodies the SIMPLE yet important attributes as I do. I’m not vain or shallow so I’m fine talking with anyone depending on the level of respect they give. Plz dont talk to me about S^x, or girls here that tries or tried to ask u for anything.. I’m NOT THAT girl, so need NOT to hear of it!! Get to know me for me.. And at all times give respect & I will give u respect in return.. Most men  are time wasters. They say one thing but really mean another.. Plz dont waste my time & yours with your BS! Just move along… PS..


A Honest sincere and Humble man. Who loves the simple pleasures of life who is Loving, respectful, caring.. Etc.. Easy to please and loves Nature & Animals (Like myself).. Not a lover of materialistic things But love of self and what he has whether small, One that uses his heart to choose and not just his eyes, Too often men say they want a ‘GOOD’ woman, But fall short because they are more fixated on wanting a ”GOOD LOOKING” woman. Shallow men ends up with superficial shallow women, B/c they are not deep enough to look past the EXTERIOR of someone to see the INTERIOR(Inner beauty) and/or the qualities they may be seeking withing that person! P. S, stimulate my MIND!


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