I’m funny, outgoing, caring and relaxed. I just like a relaxed, confident, funny guy

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I’m 5’8, size 2. I have been told that I have solid frame. Lol! ( I have no idea what that means, I hope it’s a good thing.)

I’m funny, outgoing, caring and relaxed. Love action movies and a good be-er.

I like to traveling, meet new people and friends.

Im a people person, always trying to treat people the way I would like to be treated.


I enjoy the simple things in life, like bow-ling and playing car-ds with friends. Both at which I think I’m pretty snazz-y at! And yes, I just said snaz-zy. Lol!

In my spare time you would find me in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. I truly enjoy doing both. My friends make fun of me about the cleaning part, but trust me, I’m not clean fre-ak. Only to a degree.:) These are the same friends who call me, to come over there house to help THEM cook! Great friends, uh! Lol!

I just like to live life to the fullest and never sweat the small stuff.


I just like a relaxed, confident, funny guy. Who doesn’t take life too seriously but knows what he wants in life, and is willing to work for it.

I like guys who have a good heart and a good head on their shoulders to match.

I’m not a fan of drama!

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