I Need That Special and Ordinary Man

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I have been asking myself, if life is a journey of romance, so I can give their life, what wonderful memories? What is the pursuit of life? I don’t know the answer, I was able to do was seriously good every day! I have over 5 years of emotional experience, I once believed that it was the final home of my life, until one day I discovered that I was not the only, this affair ended! In the eyes of their friends, I was a stylish, cheerful, considerate woman, I like all new things, amateur, I like to travel, I always try to expose yourself to something more, I think that can enrich my life!



I am looking for the other half does not have specific standards,I am established already, so I do not care about your wealth , looks, height, race and so on! I need a warm chest, the only love in my heart, you can give me a sense, we can not speak, but as long as the eye can see what each other mean, to me is such a special and ordinary man! If you are that man leave me a comment.


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