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I just want someone who makes me feel like a woman. That’s all

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I am a painter, graphic designer and a singer. I love it! That’s me in a nutshell. I do whatever people that are artist do. Ok, no really, I’m an artist but I’m also a person that loves to be outside or in the house enjoying my family. I am very to the point and like guys that are the same.

I don’t take myself seriously like many people. I try to stay fun. I am a lot of fun actually.. I hope! Here’s the deal – “I’m the best there is. Plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I pi-ss excellence”


I don’t know about you but all this sh** sounds the same to me. Every profile intro. Except I don’t hike because I have no one to go hiking with.

Maybe I can meet someone to spice my life up. I’m very direct in this ridiculously long profile – Well actually I’m quite an as-s – But my friends say I’m the sweetest person they know.

I’d like someone nice. Yeah, just someone that’s nice to me… I mean assuming that I deserve it.
I’ve been trying to ONLY date in my country but I think I may be limiting myself so I am open to responses from out of my country.

I am pretty tall for a woman so height is a factor. If I’m 5’11… 6’2″ with heels on, you do the math. Decide how tall you should be if I’m interested in not looking like Grace Jones every time I leave the house.


Ok, so whatever, I just want someone who makes me feel like a woman. That’s all.

I love working out but haven’t had the time to get back into it. I’m ok if you’re in the same boat as long as we’re both AT LEAST making an effort to get back to it. I think about what I eat and try to make healthy choices. That’s right… I said TRY! In other words a guy who doesn’t mind taking the time to go running together.

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