I have been blessed with a very attractive physical body presentation

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I’d be happy to entertain inquiries based on the idea that we will share a long-term and mon-ogamous togetherness. I’m NOT interested in being a playmate, side bo-oty, discreet fun, other woman, or any other such adjective unless it is absolutely ludic-rous. Read ob-scene. And upfront! Lolol


You could be enjoying a MOST attractive, single, free, talented, easy-going  woman who is tired of the games players play just for the sake of conqu-est. I want to love and be loved by my special friend, mentor and lover without wondering if he is out with someone else or if he’s coming home dru-nk and drama-possessed! I want a confident, humble and positive-minded man  who is comfortable being seen with a woman of exqu-isite looks, conservative mannerisms and pure heart. My preference is to always look my best! When my man comes home to my son and me, he should be greeted by the best I have to offer both in looks and attitude. I enjoy dressing to please and want to provide a warm and inviting home.


As well, I have activities that help to keep me in shape. I run several miles each week, slip into the gym almost every other day and enjoy tennis frequently! I have been blessed with a very attractive physical body presentation and want to maintain that for YOU for a long time to come! PLEASE BE REAL! Please possess manners and conservative habits, be dr-ug/disea-se/drama-free, be able to provide a verifiable history of successful relationships and social adroit-ness/awareness, and most of all, be honest-to-a-fault! Trust me when I say, I am totally worth it! Ciao, VV!

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