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I am the type of woman who enjoys having fun, I need a normal, genuine, fun loving guy

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I would say that I am the type of woman who enjoys having fun, still energetic; try different things to keep myself fit and keeping me young at heart.


I am stable in life and when needs be, in thinking as sometimes my actions can be very playful which to some is seen as being childish/sil-ly – those are the type I would consider to be mind-numbing or go into my “too hard file”… Acting your my age, now that would be boring.

I have no ties so I am living the life of a single person. I don’t get myself involved with any drama or complications (keep things simple). My outlook on life is basically to enjoy it while I can and hopefully with a genuine, loving and faithful guy.


Character… Someone who enjoys life, doesnt get hung up on things that are insignificant and can let those matters go. Who is tactile, spontaneous, up for a laugh; basically without going into too much detail, a normal, genuine, fun loving guy.

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