I am stuck in the military, I believe that now is the time to meet that man for me

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I am stuck in the military at least 3 more years so If you can handle an Army woman then you may have the right one.

I have spent most of my military career single but now hoping to find a special someone to enjoy life with. I am short… 5 feet 1/2 inch… Don’t forget the half. I enjoyed my job these last few years but the deployments kept me from pursuing any serious relationships. I believe that now is the time to meet that man for me.


Although I don’t attend church very often, I do have faith in God. It is important that my potential share that faith with me. It may not pose a problem now, but eventually it will.


If you are not seeking a long term relationship, don’t waste your time here because I’m not seeking anything casual. Life is too short and I’m ready to spend it with someone worth spending it with. Of course a friendship is important before anything else but ultimately, I’m a long term type of gal.

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