I am independent, I want to open my own business.

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I am independent, I want to open my own business. I am currently working on opening up my own website to provide a much needed service to consumers all across this country. I do not want to say what is until I finish. I just want to love and be loved, because its the best feeling in the world.


I want a friend I can talk about anything with and a lover that will make me think of our intimate moments as the best. I do want to get married and have kids. I have brown eyes nice shape and great smile. I am a dreamer and I think anything is possible no matter how hard or complicated it seems. I have to warn you that I am a bit of a mean one, but I don’t bi-te hard.


I need a nice man, no boys I can not raise anyone that is your parents job. Tall good looking and can cook I do not care about race. I am on the site because I am attracting the wrong kind of men based on my looks. If you are Married, have kids one is okay with me, in a relationship don’t bother.

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