I am a young professional business female with style, edge and class

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I am a young professional business female with style, edge and class. I am fun and competitive in many ways. I love sports and active adventures. I enjoy learning about different cultures and languages.
Who is the right guy for me? By knowing myself better day by day tells me who he is. If you know yourself well enough and appreciate the beauty of it, then you will know if am the one for you!


I like guys that can keep up, open the door and show respect.

Moving right along… To my dreamguy… Catch me if you can!!



***A guy that plays the forefront in life and can handle a “real” relationship or friendship.

And yes yes yes I adore men, but only one one one is for me. There I said it three times… Three strikes and your in, make them count!

***He loves and appreciates himself for who he is, what he has become and what direction he is going in next.

***He practices a balance between physical, emotional, mental, se-xual, and spiritual flows.

***He is open-minded, honest, and compassionate.


He stays on top of his managerial grid, but knows how to relax in the arms of a beautiful woman.

… I am interested in getting to know YOU and would like to listen to your experiences in life!!

… Next Step, Chat with me and only time will tell.

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