Ghana Sugarmummy, I own an estate here In Ghana,am living comfortable, need a man to satisfy me s^xually on bed, not just going one round

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How do I describe myself? I’ve not a clue, will try to do my best. I’m a very laid back person, and I thank God I own my own estate here In Ghana and am living comfortable….. so I don’t need anybodies money, I have low tolerance for crazy, the minute I feel it, I’m out, life is too short to deal with unnecessary crazy. Other than that, I like to cook, read, shake a tailfeather, and chill out at home. (THIS JUST IN) Please do not IM me for any BS!!! Just not into it, none of this want some vanilla BS, I’m not that girl, I’m the woman that will tell you to… I’m finding that if I’m not specific in my design, I’m leaving myself open for a lot of nonsense. Its time to take the grown up pill, I promise you’ll love it!!!

sugarmummy ghana

Let’s see… The person that I’m looking for should have his stuff together by now, this is where the low tolerance for crazy comes into play. He should be active, willing to explore, open-minded, oh, if he could cook that would be awesome. For I don’t want to be the only one throwing down in the kitchen, not that I’m opposed to any additional heat ( I just made myself laugh, love those moments) If I’ve piqued your curiosity, reach out.

sugarmummy ghana

I wish you all the best on your search. I don’t think I’m asking for much. Oh, one more thing thing, you must be able to satisfy me s^xually on bed, not just going one round and saying you are tired… I don’t mean to offend those of you that don’t last long lol. Just leave me a message if you are that person i want!


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