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Sugarmummy, I’m in shape, I need a man that can please me on bed, am working and earning a 6 figure salary monthly..

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I do understand I’m not everyone’s type… I’m a very “round” woman, so if you are in to petite small women I’m sorry… I’m not it. I’m 5 8 and with heels nearly 6 ft… Please consider that. I’m in shape (round is a shape) ;0) and usually walk/ run 5 miles several times a week and do burst training.

I am working and earning a 6 figure salary monthly, so it will be enough for both of us..I’m a very good lady… Most of the time ;0)

Oh and to all you geniuses accusing me of being married because there is a ring on my finger in the picture… Remember in a mirror shot everything is on the opposite side. That’s my right hand Einstein!!!;0)

I will send you an email or give you a call…if you have an interest in me..
… I will try to respond to most of all the comments..I will received ;0)


I need a man that is Tall, romantic, fit, can please me on bed, leader, career oriented/business minded, alpha male, good looking (at least to me), smart, mechanically inclined, confident, protective, faithful, capable of a long-term relationship, family oriented…

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