Sugarmummy, I need a guy that is smart and romantic in all aspect

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I am a very simple lady, well I have to admit, I am reserved, quiet, a little shy(but i’d argue the opposite if someone tells me I m a shy person) because really there are some things a shy person wouldn’t do that i’d do. I wouldn’t go so far as to saying I m outgoing but I can say I m an easygoing person, I take life one step at a time.. Take time to savor every moment.. I love reading, I read almost anything, in fact for relaxation if there is nothing else to do i’d rather just curl up with a book. If I m not reading i’d listen to music-i love rock music in particular. I love the outdoors, hanging out, meeting new people.. I love learning new languages. Right now I speak english and understand a little french but I m working on other languages now. I am intelligent, smart, witty. Sweet:) :). I tell it as it is. In other words I call a spade a spade. I could be very blunt at times and I place a great value on honesty.



I cant stand liars. Oh and I also cant stand selfish people. I love smiling, laughing even when there is really nothing to smile or laugh about(makes me look silly-my friends never waste any opportunity to tell me that)D:D: but really who cares?? Life is too short to be taken seriously(not that I dont take life seriously-i do but still..:)i have a sarcastic sense of humor though and I can be cynical at times but its all harmless.. Really :) :)

I prefer a guy nice, romantic in all aspect, whatever.. Just be smart, intelligent, witty, outgoing.. And please do have a sense of humor… P. S feel free to leave me a message or drop your email..

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