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Sugarmummy, I am a writer, a little crazy, a little silly. Like most women, I am a million people at once

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I am a first and foremost looking for new friends. I am a writer,  a little crazy, a little silly. Like most women, I am a million people at once. I am very smart, a little nerd, very spontaneous, very sharp-witted and I have a devilish turn of mind. I would rather be respected than famous, I would rather be loved than envied, I would rather be sensual than s^xy.
I am turned off by overt come-ons. Basically be clever or be gone! I am a girl, if I wanted a quick hook up I would hit a bar. I am not saying I don’t enjoy a compliment ( uh.. Girl remember ) but have a bit of finesse.


My new best friend. Someone that will be there for me in every way. The ideal person would also love to read, enjoy plays and other cultural events. Someone that is very smart, ambitious and most importantly FUN! I am a challenging person and I want to find someone that can understand that, that is equal to it. I want to meet someone that is smart enough to teach me something.
I want to know people with ideas. Big and small ideas, from fusion cooking to global warming fixes. I want to know people with opinions, even those that differ from my own. Did the global warming remark spark your interest or make your eyes roll ( there is no such thing, you say… Let’s talk about it ) . Basically I want to meet my other half. And as many friends along the way as I can.

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