Sugar Mummies

Sugarmummy, seriously!!! I need someone to make me frea-king happy with so much s^x… I am not looking for overnight sensation

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Genuine… Down to earth, I love to laugh… A big heart… Sarcastic witty sense of humor, caring(better believe that sh^t).. I speak my mind when necessary, I don’t bite, but can’t stand the bullsh^t… I get judged sometimes by my appearance, without people getting to know me. Instead they just hate, lol.. I really don’t care for negativity… I am always myself, always!!!… Accept me for the way I am… Need to know more, just strike up a conversation or email me, and it will take itself from there


Seriously!!! Someone to make me frea-king happy with s^x… I am not looking for overnight sensation… Just be yourself… It’s not easy to fall in love ( especially on my part)… Don’t beat around the bush with me, I can smell a liar from miles away… Someone to make me laugh/smile when I am down… Don’t judge a book by its cover… Oh and a nice personality wouldn’t hurt either… Is this too much??? I am not asking for an arm or a leg… What is wrong with being happy with that special someone… Oh my, I am getting all sentimental here… Interested??? Let’s get to know each other…


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