I’m generally hard-working woman, I need a kind of man who is fun and young at heart

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I’ve been described as funny, fun to be with, gentle and kind. Most important though is that I am a true and loyal friend.
I don’t really wish to blow my own trumpet but I’m the kind of person that helps little old ladies across the street :-))
I’m generally hard-working but I love my lazy days when I lounge with a stack of papers, magazines, books and the remote in one hand.
I’m a part-time DJ and I love all kinds of music…


I need a kind of man who is fun and young at heart.
Good to children, old people, and kind to animals. A gentleman who treats others with respect.
A slightly traditional man with old-fashioned values. Someone who (and without getting too Mil-ls & Boo-n-ey) would love and smother me with affection, all the while being a strong protective man… If that makes sense :-)))

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