I want to meet a lady that can take care of me financially

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Your Name or Nickname: SHEXZY
Your Age: 28
Your Phone Number: 2348031987004
Your country: NIGERIA
Your Location: ABUJA
Your occupation: STUDENT
Your Height: 5.6
Well I have tried everything. I have tried meeting people on Facebook and in real life and this will be my final bus stop. If I can’t get someone here then I believe I should pack up this idea of finding happy ever after and move on with my life with out a serious woman.
I really don’t care how people feel about me making these kind of request. I have survived? this world’s criticism simple by not paying it a listening ear. It has helped me a lot not to listen to gossips and critics. So if you have any bad thing to say, save it because I have heard it all.

My name is Daniel Segun popularly called shexzy, yoruba by tribe, a gentle and easy going, adventurous, honest and fun to be with, a final year student who base in Abuja. I love to go to cinemas, play football and also have good time with people that matters to me, am  very good in bed when it comes to sex. Handsome is a gift from God people do credit me for my good look and hope to meet someone special that knows how to treat a man fine. I look forward to meet that lady that can take care of me financially, who does not believe in age as a barrier to relationship, my woman to meet must be smart, beautiful, adventurous and should be between the age of 36 and 42 but not above the age of 42years.
I am a christian and I don’t mind muslim as long as she won’t try to change me and I won’t try to change her too.


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