I want a man who can make me laugh, who knows how to have fun with me

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I’m quick witted, great (sometimes twisted) sense of humor, amazing cook. I’m a little stubborn and sometimes impatient. Very passionate about my family and the man in my life. LOVE NFL Football, I’ve been a 49ers fan since before I could talk. Now living in Alabama, I also enjoy the SEC and can be caught saying “Roll Tide” this time of year. I’m that  kind of rom.antic with the right guy and love going out as much as I do staying in. LOVE to dance, let me say that again, LOVE to dance. Listen to mostly R&B and definitely old school. Was caught at the traffic signal the other day singing Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” – life’s too short not to try and enjoy every moment.


Please No games. If you’re looking for a casual hook-up, just keep looking. Some may interpret this as harsh, but what’s the point of leading each other on. You know what you are looking for and so do I. So lets just keep it real.


Honesty & trust – why those two things seem so difficult to have in a relationship eludes me but I’m not going to settle for anything less. I want a man who can make me laugh, who knows how to have fun with me, but also serious when necessary. Passion is another must have, I’m Italian, we’re very passionate, loving and yes, at times fei.sty, lol.

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